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I am the author of How to Understand and Deal with Stress and creator and host of Sound Affects Podcast – a music and mental health podcast which was featured in NME's Podcasts for the People series, Therapy Today and Psychologies magazine.

I regularly write and speak about therapy and mental health in the press and media, some links for which I've provided below. This has included BBC Radio, OK! Magazine, The Sunday Times Style magazine, Psychologies, Stylist, The Independent, The Mirror, The Sun, Grazia, Harpers Bazaar, VICE media and more.

Psychologies Magazine, 'Thank You for the Music' (Nov 2021 issue): I discover why the allegiances we make to musical genres in our youth,
from Britpop to punk, hold such power for us as adults
OK! Magazine, Cleaning and Anxiety
Grazia, why are young women taking their own lives?
Grazia, the impact of news stories on survivors of sexual violence
Stylist magazine, supporting friends in crisis
Harpers Bazaar, it's ok to feel disappointed during a pandemic
Cosmopolitan, Commitment Issues
Refinery 29, Your guide to safe online therapy
The Independent, Beauty in the post-covid era
Metro, Doomscrolling
Huffington Post, Mask-wearing
Happiful, Agony aunt for relationship issues
Psychologies, Maintaining friendships you've lost touch with
Louder Sound, Music and Mental Health
The Morning Star, Creativity and Mental Health
Happiful, Relationships
The Homeworker, Music and Productivity
DARE, Going on holiday with family members
VICE, How can dads talk to father's at Christmas
VICE, eco-anxiety
Wellcome Collection, Wellcome Trust's Wellcome Collection, on my 4 years spent as a Samaritans helpline listener
BBC Radio Oxford, BBC Radio Oxford live interview, on clinical anxiety
Boogaloo Radio, Boogaloo Radio special guest for Alan McGee discussing mental health in rock n roll
SAOL, Societal expectations on women
Bustle, Why does New Year's Eve make you sad?
Huffington Post, Anxiety and cleaning
The Sun, Anxiety and sex
The Climax podcast, Sex in relationships
Open Democracy, What happens when mental health professionals also get sick?
Stylist, Dating after sexual assault
The Independent, Belly dance as support for trauma victims
I-D Magazine, Dealing with social media pressure and fear of missing out
Kinbox, Learning to deal with disappointment
Metro, comfort eating and why counselling/psychotherapy can help
Glamour magazine, body positivity
Metro, supporting a friend with depression
The Debrief and Grazia, anxiety attacks on the tube
Refinery29, coping with pressures of new year resolutions when you suffer depression, differences between depression and feeling sad
TalkLife, understanding self-harm and why people do it
Scottish Daily Record, impact of social media on mental health
Broadly, feeling sad in the summer
The Sun, parent/child attachments
The Sun, sex & relationship issues after having children and why counselling and psychotherapy can help, coping with intrusive thoughts and images
The Guardian, routes into counselling/psychotherapy and counsellor & psychotherapist professions
The Evening Standard and Refinery29, house sharing when you suffer with mental health difficulties
The Tonic Magazine, relationships between parents and their grown-up adult children

River Radio, Music and Mental Health panel
BBC Radio Sussex and Surrey, Dealing with cheating or being cheated on
BBC Radio Oxford, Differences between clinical and non-clinical anxiety
Boogaloo Radio, Music and Mental health with Alan McGee

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